2013-01-21 As mentioned earlier, we were looking for a new drummer for our third full-length album. The search is now over, our friend Tomas Bergström a.k.a Korgath from Myhrding will record the drums for this album. The recording session is set for 15-17th February.

And for the EP, Grimner will record the keyboards for the A-side, since Larssa won't be able to record anything in the coming months, and we don't want to delay the release just because of that. The keyboards for the B-side has been recorded by Larssa ealier this year.
2013-01-14 There has been a drastic change of plans. Instead of releasing the full-length album that was planned from the beginning, we will release a 7" EP with 2 songs called Ensamhet (click here to see cover), with Jani on drums. For the full-length album we will have to find another drummer, but that won't be a problem since we are working on that as we speak.

This EP will be limited to 250 copies. More info about this release later.

B-side is exclusive for this EP and won't be released anywhere else.

We have started the recordings a while back. Drums, guitars and bass has been recorded for the A-side, keys/piano and vocals left. B-side was recorded earlier this year.
2012-10-08 Hi there. Long time since the last update, far too long unfortunately... We apologize for that! We know that many of you are wondering what the hell is going on. Well, nothing has really happened since the last update in March, because of some personal issues. But now we are back on track again with full force. As mentioned in the last update, 3 accoustic songs has been recorded earlier this year, and now there is only keyboard and piano left to record for those songs.

Tomorrow is the day that we all have been waiting for, we will finally enter Aurora Studios again to finish the 3 songs.

We have also set a date for the drum recordings, which will be 10-11th of November. As soon as the drums are ready, we will start with guitars and bass. Our plan is that we will have everything recorded, except for the vocals, by the end of 2012.

The yet untitled album will contain a total 10 songs.
This is all the information we can give you right now, since we don't have any song titles or anything else ready. When the tracklist, cover art etc. is done, it will be posted here!

That's all for now. Next update won't take 6 months, that's a promise!

The new era of Mörker saw the light of day in the cold, late winter of the year 2004 A.D.
It consisted of Ascaroth on vocals, Larssa handling synth and piano and Grimner on guitars and bass.
The line-up hasn’t changed since then. In April 2005 A.D. they released a demo called Den Sista Utfärden which later has been released as a mini-CD on Northern Silence Productions. Two different tapes were also released and one split 12” with the norwegian band Draugsang.
After the release of the mini-CD they started to write music and lyrics for their upcoming opus.
The recording started in February 2006 A.D. and was finished two months later. The opus is called Skuggornas Rike and was just as the mini-CD released on Northern Silence Productions, Germany.
The year is now 2007 and Mörker has finished the recording of their upcoming album and it will be called Höstmakter. The album will be mastered by Necromorbus. Beware!

Larssa - Synthesizers & Piano
Grimner - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars & Bass
Ascaroth - Vocals & Backing Vocals

Demo/EP [2005] - Den Sista Utfärden click here for more info
Album [2006] - Skuggornas Rike click here for more info
Album [2008] - Höstmakter click here for more info
Split/Compilation [2008] - Eight Acts of Origin click here for more info
EP [2013] - Ensamhet click here for more info

For questions, interviews, orders:
morker [at] gmail [dot] com

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